The future of everyday health is in our hands

The Re/Wire Health Studio from Haleon NEXT is a collaboration platform built to improve our everyday health.

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Haleon is a new company created by the de-merger from GSK. Haleon is a global leader 100% focused on delivering better everyday health with humanity.

At Haleon we recognize that innovation can be found all around us.

At Haleon NEXT we are focused on disruptive new business models and propositions that address these changing and evolving consumer needs.

We are committed to building solutions that challenge the status quo and meet the changing health needs and wants of consumers. Re/Wire is one of the ways in which we seek to do that.

We are looking for exciting companies that are focussed on advanced digital and biological diagnostics solutions that address consumers’ need to better understand their everyday health and take action to manage it in a positive way.

We’re inviting emerging companies and incredible founders that are US and/or EMEA-focused to partner with Haleon NEXT in the development of

novel diagnostic solutions

that address:
  • Digital

  • Physical

  • Personalised consumer health solutions

Our latest additions

The third cohort of companies joined Re/Wire Health Studio in November 2022.

Leucine Rich Bio
Leucine Rich Bio

Leucine Rich Bio is a genomics-based company providing an at-home gut microbiome test that detects susceptibility of 16 diseases, and provides prebiotic, probiotic and nutritional recommendations.


Truthbrush specialise in a detachable device that uses a motion sensor to track and analyse the oral health of families. It can suggest improvements to brushing techniques.

Oral Genome
Oral Genome

Oral Genome offer dental saliva test cards that helps patients and dentists analyse oral health and identify personalised recommendations that can address root causes of issues and therefore prevent chronic diseases developing.


KWIT builds mobile applications that assist people with behaviour change through application of CBT. Their first app focuses on smoking cessation. The company is developing a platform capability to allow it’s CBT approach to extend into new areas of mental wellness.


Minti is an oral care brand offering a complete eco-system of digital products & services to address all oral health care needs.

Lisa Health
Lisa Health

Lisa Health offer a digital health solution for menopause and healthy ageing through their brand Midday, leveraging artificial intelligence to track symptoms like hot flashes and sleep disturbance effortlessly and get personalized insights and support.

Are you building groundbreaking solutions for improving everyday health?

Apply for the Re/Wire Health Studio to partner with us across the three breakthrough areas of opportunity.

Oral Health

Our oral health directly impacts our overall well being. We believe disruptive technologies can provide better access to care and seamless experiences that can vastly improve how we understand our oral health.

We’re seeking solutions that…

  • Capture new insights on everyday oral health through oral health data
  • Expand access to everyday dental care
  • Strengthen the offerings of our expert partners in the dentist profession
  • Incentivise proactive dental care & behaviours

A young boy brushing his teeth.

Mental Resilience

Stress is fuel. But all too often it becomes toxic. By reframing our relationship with stress, we have the ability to transform it from toxin back to fuel.

We’re seeking solutions that…

  • Use sophisticated technology to help manage stress, mood, and mental wellness
  • Improve everyday mental health monitoring by providing remote, quantitative measurement
  • Improve cognitive health through the gut-brain axis

A woman is at her desk with her laptop open, listening to another woman sitting in front of her.

Women’s Health and Wellness

While women typically live longer than men, they spend fewer years healthy and thriving. To improve their overall well being over the course of their lives, women need tailored solutions for every life stage.

We’re seeking solutions that…

  • Detect the risk of long-term health problems through biochemical indicators, and introduce preventive solutions
  • Identify, track, and interpret hormonal markers to better inform and guide women’s health conditions
  • Support self-care through convenient and accessible integrated solutions

An older woman sitting on an exercise ball and lifting 2 dumbbells.

Build the future of everyday health with humanity.

We’ll help build and scale your business for the future.

Why should you apply?
  • Partnership

    Collaborate with the world’s leading company focused on everyday health to accelerate and scale your ideas and products to market. Scale faster with access to a global footprint, growth mindsets and deep subject matter experts across all aspects of everyday health.

  • Curriculum

    Re/Wire connects you to leading minds experienced in growing businesses within everyday health. These innovators can help you navigate challenges related to marketing, branding, and complex regulations.

  • Creative capital

    Working with award-winning strategists, technologists, creatives, and consultants to hone your product offering, develop a brand identity, or re-develop your UX/UI as part of your own creative project.

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Startup qualifications

  • Funding stage: pre-seed through Series A
  • MVP product or service
  • Ability and eagerness to partner with Haleon NEXT

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  • Spring2023

    Cohort 4 Starts

  • Summer2023

    Maker Day

  • Summer2023

    Investor Day

  • Autumn/Winter2023

    Cohort 5

Meet our first cohort

We launched the Re/Wire Health Studio in November 2021 with these six companies.


Bristle’s at-home oral microbiome test measures oral health status, including risk factors for cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Then Bristle provides personalized diet, lifestyle, and product recommendations to improve oral health and help lower risk for disease.

Health In Her HUE
Health In Her HUE

Health In Her HUE is a digital platform that connects Black women and women of color to culturally competent and sensitive healthcare providers, health content, and community.

nQ Medical
nQ Medical

nQ Medical has developed passive data collection from personal devices to address early detection of disease, with no proprietary device nor any task-based app required.


Patientory’s blockchain enabled platform gathers and analyzes siloed healthcare data allowing enterprises to improve population health outcomes and employ personalized care plans that consider the entire history of the patient, including social determinants of health. is reimagining the dental care experience using AI. Their 360° end-to-end virtual care platform connects patients to dentists, with real time insights instantly and remotely.


Unfabled is the first ecommerce marketplace for menstrual wellbeing. Their platform allows people to discover sustainable wellness products personalised for their whole cycle.

Meet our second cohort

The second cohort of companies joined Re/Wire Health Studio in July 2022.


Clementine are helping women take charge of and improve their mental well-being by building positive thought patterns through behaviour change and access to digital cognitive hypnotherapy.


Kells have developed a rapid oral screening tool powered by a combination of hardware and sophisticated AI that is already informing patients about their dental conditions, helping expand access to these patients and providing them insights into potential conditions.


Khyria are creating toolkits that provide women with daily, actionable wellness information based on their own biology. Using existing technologies to provide personalised insights they’re continuing to evolve to understand how they can provide even more impact to everyday wellness.


By developing a variety of tests using non-invasive, saliva-based diagnostics, Dianox are able to provide personalised insights and coaching to help consumers understand and improve their everyday health. They’re continuing to work on expanding their product roadmap deploying this exciting technology.


Grace.Health have established an impressively large community of 1.1 million users in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through their lightweight and fit for market app Grace.Health focus on providing much needed access to trusted health services and information for women.

Sahha are leading the way in predictive analytics for behavioral data. By collecting a large data set from a wide variety of sources, Sahha have created an API that can provide other apps with incredibly rich data allowing their users targeted insights into their own mental wellbeing.

About Haleon NEXT
About Haleon NEXT

Haleon NEXT is the strategic, commercial growth engine for Haleon Consumer Health, focused on the creation and scaling of net-new product, service and platform businesses across everyday health.

For further information on Haleon, please visit

Have questions? We have answers.

What is the mission of the Re/Wire Health Studio?

The Re/Wire Health Studio from Haleon NEXT is on a mission to democratise access to everyday health care, create seamless health experiences, and improve health outcomes for consumers.

What do you mean by "everyday health"?

Haleon’s world-leading Consumer Health business combines science and consumer insights to create innovative everyday healthcare brands that consumers trust and experts recommend for oral health, pain relief, cold, flu and allergy, digestive health and vitamins, minerals and supplements.

What role is Haleon NEXT going to play in the Studio?

Haleon NEXT will partner with participating startups to offer mentorship, R&D support, and commercialisation opportunities. The Haleon NEXT team will work directly with startups, and will help them navigate the resources of Haleon at large.

Is the Re/Wire Health Studio currently accepting applications?

Yes, applications will be considered on a rolling basis and selection for cohort 4 will take place in Spring 2023, running from May-July 2023.

What type of startups is Haleon NEXT looking to partner with in the Re/Wire Health Studio?

The Re/Wire Health Studio is built to collaborate with startups building next generation solutions that can address evolving consumer needs. Each focus area is aligned with core ideas surrounding everyday health issues, including proactive care. Learn more about the three focus areas of opportunity above. Haleon NEXT is also interested in startups within the biomarker space both physical and biological.

If selected, what type of support will the Re/Wire Health Studio provide my company?
  1. Strategic partnership opportunities – working in depth with Haleon in order to facilitate opportunities for rapid global scale. These opportunities may be either commercial in market trials and partnerships or may be more R&D focused support and joint development.
  2. Mentoring and networking – the studio is pulling together a panel of leaders, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs in the Consumer Health space

The Studio will identify strategic opportunities for startups to partner with Haleon and provide the selected Studio companies with the market opportunities, guidance, and partnerships to build momentum towards scaling globally. Selected startups will have access to AKQA's creative capital services with award-winning strategists, technologists, creatives, and consultants to help them develop their businesses and prepare them for future milestones.

Is my startup at the right stage to apply?

The Studio invites applications from innovative growth- and early-stage companies with disruptive technologies that will shape the future of consumer health. The Studio welcomes applications from startups with pre-seed through Series A funding.

How developed does my product or service need to be to apply to work with Haleon NEXT?

Haleon NEXT welcomes startups from around the world to apply with a minimum viable product or service in development or in-market.

Will the Re/Wire Health Studio invest in my company?

Investment is not a component of the Studio; however, Haleon NEXT may seek to invest in participating startups after the conclusion of the program. Participation in the program is not contingent upon the possibility of future investment, and Haleon NEXT will not seek the right to invest as part of the program.

If selected to work with Haleon NEXT, does my company need to relocate?

All Studio participation and programming will be done virtually. Founders are not required to relocate themselves or their team to participate.

Is there a cost to apply or participate in the Re/Wire Health Studio?

No, there is no fee or equity charge to apply or participate in the Re/Wire Health Studio.

How are final startups chosen?

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Selected candidates will be invited to participate in workshops with Haleon stakeholders in Spring 2023 for consideration for cohort 4. Cohort 4 runs from May-July 2023. 

Finalists will be selected based on quality of product or service (or path to product or service), robustness of business model, strength of team, and alignment with Haleon NEXT’s objectives. Selected companies will go through a technical and business due diligence process.

Can I be a participant in other accelerator programs?

Participation in other accelerator programs will not exclude startups from the Re/Wire Health Studio, but preference will be given to companies that can devote the time required to pursue the full range of opportunities delivered by the Studio. Startups that have active or past partnerships or commercial engagement with competitors of Haleon may not be eligible to participate.

Who is Haleon?

Haleon is a science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose: to help people do more, feel better, and live longer. For further information please visit

Who is Haleon NEXT?

Haleon NEXT is the strategic commercial growth engine for Haleon Consumer Health, focused on the creation and scaling of net-new product, service and platform businesses across Everyday Health.